Spur Wander is dedicated to fostering the natural wildlife tracker. Just as species preservation is paramount to our time and place in the world, the preservation and restoration of our own species' unique gifts is imperative.



Through wildlife tracking intensives and adventures Spur Wander connects clients to experience that deepens the sense of healthy relationship to wilderness. We track, trail, and question the natural world with intense curiosity and engage the skills and awareness needed to stay on the trail. As with any intense focus, we often learn more about ourselves than the subject or animal we pursue.  


Daniel Hansche is a wildlife tracker and naturalist with over twenty year experience. His work in conservation and education has taken him from wolf dens to elk herds, to rhino & lion trails. He is a Cybertracker certified Track & Sign Specialist in two regions in the US, and is also certified in Europe and Africa. Daniel has intensively mentored over 100 wildlife trackers and taught hundreds more through workshops and trainings. After nearly two decades working with White Pine Programs, Daniel founded Spur Wander to continue offering high quality wilderness experiences and trainings for wildlife trackers and naturalists.

Daniel was instrumental in launching my career as a tracker... His enthusiasm for tracking, teaching, and bringing others in touch with their environment is contagious, and before I knew it - I was learning more and more -not only tracking, but also the natural history of the area. A year long course mentored by Dan formed the foundation for everything I have gone on to learn since. I couldn’t recommend Daniel more highly as an engaged, approachable, and concerned instructor who goes out of his way to be sure he is bringing each and every student along to their fullest potential, without making them feel pushed.
— Sandra, Veterinarian