Photo: Grzegorz Długosz

On the Trail of Europe’s Megafauna

February 2 thru 9, 2020

This February we're on the trail of some of Europe’s largest and most iconic animals - in the oldest forest on the continent. Follow the winter trails of the European bison and view them in the wild. Track, trail, & call wolf packs, tracing their paths of activity. Search for moose tracks and work to find and view these magnificent animals without disturbance. Connect to the richness of this ecological treasure.


Photo: Rachel Smiley

Tracking & Trailing South Africa

June 3 thru 17, 2020

Next July we offer what few can -the tracker's experience of the South African bush. We track, trail, and view game on foot as well as by vehicle. Lee Gutteridge & Kersey Lawrence, among the best guides and trackers in South Africa, will take you under their wings and introduce you to the world of big game in the most intimate of ways; through real experience, deep awareness, on and off the trail.